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“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

- Jim Morrison


What You'll Learn

No matter how old you are, where you're from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common — a desire to be successful. This special eBook shows you how to do just that. Inside, you'll read and uncover, the best secrets on:

confidence in your skills as you practice for your ideal future
a healthier and sexier lifestyle because you deserve it
comfortable in your own skin, while you transform, and become a winner
drawing people to you with your powerful charisma

Overview of Sexy Win eBook

1 Sexy win eBook contains: 8 Chapters, 98 Pages, 23,000+ Words

Chapter One

Learning to let go is a good place to start

The first and most important thing you have to realize, you are not alone with your pain, and you are not alone with your doubt.

Chapter Two

Accept yourself, but aspire for more

We established that true sexiness cannot exist without self-acceptance. In order to be sexy in other’s eyes, we have to accept and ultimately love ourselves.

Chapter Three

The importance of body language

Have you ever heard the phrase that looks don’t matter, and what’s important is how a person can carry themselves?

Chapter Four

The rules of attraction

There is a lot we can do in order to be more attractive, let it be a new diet regimen (more about that later), or some other forms of positive alteration in our life.

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The Testimonials

Many people have used the techniques used in this eBook to improve their quality of life.

Lidia Coffelt

Just awesome. Sexy win eBook gave me step-by-step guidance how to grow my self confidence. wow!

Glen Ishikawa

Amazing! My biggest win from Sexy win eBook :) (really) was understanding how to find a better version of myself.

Marvis Griese

Many thanks! I'm proud of myself for never giving up! No matter how BAD it got. This great eBook truly changed my life!!!

Arthur Durling

Worth every cent. So happy now. This eBook gave me a lot. Most recommended !!! AAA+

About The Author

Tal Eliashiv

I am Tal Eliashiv, entrepreneur, a writer and part-time philosopher, with a never ending desire to understand the human existence, with all of its trials and tribulations. I think that each and every one of us possesses a more attractive, more successful version of ourselves, but sometimes that person is buried under the self-doubt and everyday problems, with no breathing room. I fully believe that we all have an access to happiness, but we cannot always find the key that opens the door to it. During those moments, we all need that little bit of extra push, and if my guide can provide you that, I would be truly honored. During my life, I always maintained a curiosity towards my, and others emotional well-being. That curiosity helped me understand myself and the human nature a lot better, how we work, what we seek, and why do we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again during our lives. I’m not pretending to know all the answers to all the questions, but I do believe that I possess a firm understanding of how to reach happiness through the jungle of human emotions. Come and join me, so we can find it together.

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